A Short Guide to Virtual Consultations

As we close in on two years of living through COVID, we’ve seen many of our pre- pandemic routines left by the wayside. We’ve ditched going to the gym in favor of at-home fitness sessions, and trips to the bank or supermarket are now done only when absolutely necessary.


It’s not surprising then that we’ve also let our wellness checks slide down our priority lists. At a time when visiting clinics and hospitals can feel especially risky, it’s easy to brush off routine check-ups as non-essential.


But while it’s definitely smart to stay indoors and isolated, there’s no need to sacrifice your health over it. A virtual Care Consultation is a safer alternative to a visit to your doctor’s clinic and can be just as effective.


Kindred even makes the booking process easy. To get started, book an appointment through the Calendly app. Kindred can match you with a doctor from their in-house team of highly-trained medical professionals. Once your schedule is confirmed, payment details and instructions will be sent to your email. After that, it’s just a matter of simply logging on at the designated schedule to start your virtual Care Consultation.


During your check-up, remember that the success of a virtual Care Consultation largely depends on you. The more you share, the better your chances of receiving an informed treatment plan designed just for you. Make sure you mention the following:

  • Medical history (your family’s as well as your own),
    • Sexual and reproductive background,
    • Symptoms you are currently experiencing, as well as their onset, severity, and duration.

They key to a successful consultation—whether in-person or online—is strong doctor-patient rapport. Trusting your doctor and being open with information are the surest way to get your needs addressed during the check.

Don’t wait. Remember that seeing a doctor to take control of your wellness is preventative. That is the best cure.