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Hepatitis B Vaccine

from ₱800.00

Take proactive measures to protect yourself against Hepatitis B by scheduling a Hepatitis B vaccination in the Philippines. This vaccine provides lifelong protection against the Hepatitis B virus. Maximize your...

Flu Vaccine

from ₱1,200.00

 Safeguard your health from the latest flu strain by scheduling your flu vaccination in the Philippines. Our flu shot provides crucial protection against influenza, helping you stay healthy and prevent...

Pneumonia Immunization

from ₱3,200.00

Ensure your protection against pneumonia by scheduling your pneumonia vaccination in the Philippines. Our vaccination options include both lifetime and 5-year immunity, allowing you to choose the option that suits...

Shingles Vaccine

from ₱11,900.00

Safeguard your well-being against viral infection with a Shingles Vaccine in the Philippines. It prevents against shingles and other related complications and can be given whether an individual has gotten...

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