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IV Push (Vitamin C + Glutathione)

from ₱1,200.00

Revitalize yourself with our IV Push, a dynamic combination of glutathione and vitamin C. This powerful IV infusion strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the liver, controls inflammation, and increases energy...

Mini IV Push & Drips

from ₱600.00

Mini drips offer an alternative to full IV drips with a reduced volume of essential vitamins. This recognizes the various needs and sensitivities of individuals, offering a more tailored solution...

Myer's Cocktail IV Drip

from ₱5,000.00

Experience the rejuvenating power of the Myers Cocktail Drip in the Philippines that is tailored for your well-being. This enriching IV infusion is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that...

NAD+ IV Therapy

from ₱8,000.00

Rejuvenate your body and mind with NAD+ IV Therapy in the Philippines. This IV treatment administers vitamins directly into your body for optimal rejuvenation benefits such as helping beat fatigue,...

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