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OBGYN Consultation - General

Address female reproductive system concerns spanning from menstrual health, irregularities in their menstrual cycle, birth control needs, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), to menopause, endometriosis, and more, with a Kindred Obstetrics-Gynecology (OBGYN) doctor.

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Psychology Consultation (30 Minutes)

Speak to our registered psychologist for mental health support to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, and grief. Our clinical psychologist also offers screening for ADHD.

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OBGYN Consultation - Fertility & Reproductive Endocrinology

Address male and female sterility and infertility concerns with our fertility doctors. Our specialists offer counseling for individuals or couples who are trying to conceive.

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Flu Immunization

Schedule your flu vaccination to protect yourself from the latest flu strain.

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HPV Immunization

Schedule your Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to get lifetime protection from the primary cause of all cervical cancers. Save more when you avail of our package and book three shots.

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Hepatitis B Immunization

Schedule a Hepatitis B vaccination to get lifetime protection. Save more when you avail of our package and book 3 shots.

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IV Drips

Gluta + Vitamin C (IV Push)

Strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the liver, controls inflammation and increases energy levels.

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Antiviral Drip

Helps treat acute viral and bacterial infections, boosts immune function, and reduces symptoms of fatigue and chronic illness. The main ingredient in this infusion is the high dose Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Zinc, which is an immune booster, antioxidant, antiviral, antibiotic, and antihistamine. It also plays an important role in wound healing, immunotherapy, heart health, and the reduction of oxidative stress loads

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Myer's Cocktail Drip

Enhances the immune system, reduces fatigue, helps with seasonal allergies, reduces symptoms of asthma, cardiovascular disease and fibromyalgia.

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Fitness Coaching Initial Consultation

Start your fitness and wellness journey right with an initial assessment by a Kindred fitness coach. This package establishes your health baseline and goals, and is a pre-requisite to Kindred's Fitness Package.

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Fitness Training Program

Our Fitness Training Program is a month-long program that includes four check-in consultations with Kindred's fitness coach who will monitor and assess your progress. This package may only be availed after completing the Fitness Coaching Initial Consultation.

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Basic IUD Insertion Package

Know your birth control options! An intrauterine device (IUD) is a long-term form of birth control with no hormonal side effects. This package includes the IUD insertion procedure and follow-up consultation.

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PCOS Package

A holistic and personalised approach to managing PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This PCOS Health Package provides patients with the necessary consultations and tests needed for proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plans to manage and address PCOS symptoms.

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Comprehensive IUD Insertion Package

Know your birth control options! An intrauterine device (IUD) is a long-term form of birth control with no hormonal side effects. This package includes the IUD insertion, follow-up OBGYN consultation, and post-procedure transvaginal ultrasound.

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Annual Well Woman Package

The Well Woman Package is your annual check-up designed to put your mind and body at ease. The package covers basic labs for possible lifestyle diseases to help you identify your risks. Think of it as an Annual Physical Exam designed for women, as patients will be checked by an OBGYN and inclusions cover tests specific for women as well. A follow-up consultation is included in the package, ensuring continuity of care and proper interpretation of results.

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Prenatal Screening Package

Kindred’s Prenatal Package is designed for pregnant women in any trimester, up until those who are six weeks postpartum or post-delivery who want peace of mind as they undergo regular tests and procedures to monitor their health and the health of their baby. 

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E-Gift Card

Give the gift of health to a loved one with Kindred's E-Gift Cards.

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