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Know your birth control options! An intrauterine device (IUD) is a long-term form of birth control with no hormonal side effects. This package includes the IUD insertion procedure and follow-up consultation.

The IUD is a small, T-shaped copper-containing device that is inserted into the uterus. It can prevent pregnancy for 5-10 years, as effectiveness is comparable to female sterilization, with only 0.8 per 100 pregnancies in the first year of use, or >99% effectivity.

Please note: This package may only be purchased after proper endorsement from an OBGYN. Book a consultation with a Kindred OBGYN today to know more about your birth control options.

A recent copy of your doctor's prescription is required before checking out.

The IUD package includes: (1) IUD insertion procedure at the Kindred clinic (1) Follow-up OBGYN consultation

- On the day of the procedure, an OBGYN will prepare the patient for the insertion, have your vital signs taken, and administer the IUD. An option to receive oral medication to minimize discomfort prior to the procedure is available upon request.
- Each T-shaped plastic frame has approximately 176mg of copper wire on its vertical arm and weighs 66.5mg on its copper sleeve. The total surface area of copper on the device is 380mm2.
- The cervix will be dilated in order to pass the copper IUD and place it inside the uterus. Most OBGYNs prefer to insert the IUD while you are menstruating, as the cervix is already open.
IUDs are ideal for patients who want a long-term solution for preventing pregnancy, without having to take birth control pills daily. They may also help in making periods lighter or stopping them altogether. To ensure that IUDs are the right birth control method for you, you need to consult with an OBGYN beforehand to get doctors' orders on your eligibility.
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