Implanon Intradermal Implant Insertion


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Discover a reliable contraceptive solution with Implanon Intradermal Implant Insertion in the Philippines, an excellent choice for long-lasting birth control. Our in-clinic professionals are dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions for your implanon insertion procedure.

Experience freedom and confidence by taking charge of your reproductive health. Schedule your appointment for intradermal contraceptive implant today!

Please note: This procedure may only be purchased after proper endorsement from an OBGYN. Book a consultation with a Kindred OBGYN today to know more about your birth control options.

A recent copy of your doctor's prescription is required before checking out.

Patients are advised not to do any strenuous activities the night before the procedure and to avoid applying lotions or harsh chemicals on the underside of the forearm (left hand or non-dominant hand). Prescribed pain relievers will be given once at the clinic.

Prior to the procedure, doctors will need the patient’s medical history to discuss further information about the contraceptive method and assess whether a subdermal implant is suitable for the patient. A Kindred OBGYN will administer anesthesia on the arm area and an applicator will be used to insert the implant under the skin.

The procedure is usually painless after induction of anesthesia. Since Implanon is thin and flexible it should be negligible after 7 days. An arm bandage will be applied after the procedure until day 5. Patients are advised to keep the wound clean and dry until it heals. Back-up contraception or condoms are recommended for the first 7 days.
An Implanon intradermal implant is for women of reproductive age, without history of blood clots, cancer, liver disease, or allergy to the hormone progestin. This type of contraception is best for patients who cannot adhere to a strict routine and need a long acting reversible contraceptive.
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