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Breast Ultrasound


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Ensure optimal breast health with our Breast Ultrasound services in the Philippines. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures that your well-being is in capable hands. Breast ultrasound services can be used to help diagnose breast lumps or other abnormalities found during a physical exam, or on a mammogram or breast MRI.

Empower yourself with the knowledge you need for a healthier future, schedule your breast ultrasound procedure today!

Please note: Once you've booked, our nurses will reach out within 24-48 hours for your schedule. Please wait for a message in the email address you have provided! For urgent concerns, please prioritize a visit to the Emergency Room.

This service may only be purchased after proper endorsement from your doctor. Book a consultation with a Kindred doctor today to learn more about what ultrasound service you need.

A doctor's request will be required before checking out.

The validity period for claiming your order is 6 months. Kindred reserves the right to cancel orders unclaimed within this period.

A breast ultrasound is conducted by Kindred’s OBGYN, Surgeon, and/or Radiologist. To ensure a smooth and successful procedure, patients should avoid putting any lotion or powder on their breasts. You may eat and drink as usual before the ultrasound.
Patients who need to further assess conditions such as the size and locations of lumps to distinguish between a fluid-filled cyst or a solid tumor, unusual discharge from the nipple, a tender or painful area in the breast, or a change in the texture or appearance of the nipple or breast skin may get a breast ultrasound as per their doctor’s advice.

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