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The Well Woman Package is your annual check-up designed to put your mind and body at ease. The package covers basic labs for possible lifestyle diseases to help you identify your risks. Think of it as an Annual Physical Exam designed for women, as patients will be checked by an OBGYN and inclusions cover tests specific for women as well. A follow-up consultation is included in the package, ensuring continuity of care and proper interpretation of results.

The Comprehensive Package has the same inclusions as the Basic Annual Well Woman Package, with additional tests to check for thyroid disorder, imaging tests to check the reproductive organs and the breasts, and stool test to check for gastrointestinal bleeding not seen by the naked eye, among others.

The Executive Package has the same inclusions as the Comprehensive Annual Well Woman Package, with an ECG to check for heart conditions, blood tests to check for vitamin D and calcium deficiencies, and a whole abdominal ultrasound to have a glimpse at your internal organs.

 Inclusions Basic Comprehensive Executive

OBGYN Initial Consultation

OBGYN Follow-up Consultation



Complete Blood Count

Chest X-Ray

Blood Uric Acid

Blood Urea Nitrogen






Fasting Blood Sugar

Lipid Profile


Pap Smear

Breast Exam

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone



Fecal Occult Blood Test

Breast Ultrasound

Transvaginal or Transrectal UTZ

Whole Abdomen UTZ

Ionized Calcium

Vitamin D Assay

12 Lead ECG

Note: Once you've booked, our nurses will reach out to you for your consult schedule. Please wait for a message in the email address you have provided!

Upon booking a Well Woman Package, a Nurse Coordinator will contact you regarding your initial schedule at the Kindred Clinic. They will also give you specific instructions on how to prepare for your diagnostic tests.

During your scheduled booking at the Kindred Clinic, you will have a comprehensive consultation with an OBGYN for a general assessment, followed by a collection of pap smear samples. For those availing of Comprehensive or Executive packages, ultrasound(s) will be done too.

During the assessment, you will be provided a list of labs to take (as part of the package) and the preparations needed, such as fasting.

Your Nurse Coordinator will then issue you a referral to our partner laboratory for your collection of urine, blood, and stool samples, together with imaging tests: chest x-ray, and other ancillary add-ons. Upon arrival at the partner lab, you will present your referral form from Kindred. Our partner lab will process patient samples together with imaging procedures performed, and release the results to Kindred.

When results are complete, your Nurse Coordinator will schedule a follow up consultation for you, whether virtually or in-person. You can expect our Nurse Coordinators to get in touch with you 5-7 days after completing your diagnostic tests for the follow-up consultation. Your Kindred physician will interpret the results of the diagnostic tests and imaging procedures, and explain these to you.

If needed, your Kindred physician will refer you to other medical specialists for further evaluation and work-ups, either through face-to-face or virtual consultations.
The Basic and Comprehensive packages are intended for all adult women, but the Executive Package is ideal for those aged 35 and up because of the test inclusions of ECG and fecal occult blood tests.

Ancillary add-ons can be requested by the attending OBGYN during consultation or during the follow-up if there is a need for further work-up or additional diagnostic testing. The patient can also be referred to other specialists if the attending OBGYN’s assessment requires the patient to be consulted by other physicians or clinicians for particular conditions/illnesses that are not within the scope of General Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Added services or referrals are subject to charges. Added services or referrals are subject to charges.

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