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Take control of your hormonal health with our Internal Medicine Endocrinology Consultation. Our skilled endocrinologists are available for online and in-clinic consultations, providing expert guidance and addressing your concerns on metabolic hormonal imbalances and other symptoms relating to endocrinology diseases, such as excessive weight gain/loss, excessive sweating and tremors, numbness, and tingling sensations.

Whether you're dealing with diabetes, thyroid issues, or other hormonal imbalances, our endocrinology consultations offer convenience and specialized care. Embark on a path to better hormonal health with trusted medical professionals, schedule your consultation with our endocrinologists today!

Please note: Once you've booked, our nurses will reach out within 24-48 hours for your consultation schedule. Please wait for a message in the email address you have provided! For urgent concerns, please prioritize a visit to the Emergency Room.

The validity period for claiming your order is 6 months. Kindred reserves the right to cancel orders unclaimed within this period.

A 30-minute consultation with a Kindred Internal Medicine - Endocrinologist for symptoms stemming from issues in endocrine glands and their hormones. After the consultation, patients are to receive a prescription (if advised) and a personalized care plan.
Patients who are seeking diagnosis, treatment, or management for conditions in their endocrine system, such as thyroid disease or diabetes.
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