Liver Ultrasound


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A liver ultrasound produces images to check for fatty liver, possibility of cancer, and other benign nodules. It may also be requested for metastatic work-up, or for those who have cancer and might have disease progression. This ultrasound is also a good screening tool for various liver conditions, such as hepatitis, cancer, and cirrhosis.

Please note: Once you've booked, our nurses will reach out within 24-48 hours for your schedule. Please wait for a message in the email address you have provided! For urgent concerns, please prioritize a visit to the Emergency Room.

This service may only be purchased after proper endorsement from your doctor. Book a consultation with a Kindred doctor today to learn more about what ultrasound service you need.

A doctor's request will be required before checking out.

A liver ultrasound is conducted by Kindred’s Gastroenterologist and Radiologist and can take 30 minutes at most. To ensure a smooth and successful procedure, your doctor may advise you to avoid eating or drinking anything for 8-10 hours before the test.
A doctor may recommend a liver ultrasound as a preliminary test to view the liver if a person has symptoms of liver disease. These include jaundice or pain in the upper right portion of the stomach.
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