Neck Ultrasound with Doppler


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A neck ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create live images from the inside of a patient’s body. It will examine the carotid arteries located on each side of a patient’s neck. This can be used to observe the thyroid gland to look for nodules, growths, or tumors.

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This service may only be purchased after proper endorsement from your doctor. Book a consultation with a Kindred doctor today to learn more about what ultrasound service you need.

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A neck ultrasound is conducted by Kindred’s Surgeon and/or Radiologist and can take up to 45 minutes. The patient may eat and drink as usual before the examination. Any clothing and jewelry in the area must be removed.
This imaging test is recommended for patients who want to detect aneurysms, tumors, infections, thyroid nodules, and other disorders associated with the neck region, as advised by their doctor.
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