Finding the right mental health specialist is paramount in the journey toward emotional well-being and psychological health. Just as we seek out experts for physical ailments, our mental health deserves the same level of care and attention. A mental health specialist possesses the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to navigate the intricacies of the human mind. 

They can provide invaluable support and guidance for individuals facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or any other concern. No issue is too minor to tackle –– for as long as it takes up space in your mind, it matters.

When you find the right specialist, they can tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of each patient, fostering a sense of trust and comfort in the therapeutic relationship. Moreover, they can offer evidence-based treatments and strategies that are both effective and safe. You can collaborate with your therapist to ensure that the personalized care plan works for you, with attainable goals you can set for yourself.

For many people, the hardest part of seeking help is actually showing up. But once you make it, it can turn out to be the crucial first step towards healing and recovery. Working with a psychologist or psychiatrist can enable individuals to regain control of their lives and flourish in their full potential.

How can Kindred’s psych services help?

Seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist regularly can offer a wide range of benefits for your mental and emotional well-being. Here are some ways in which regular appointments with these mental health professionals can help you:

Diagnosis and assessment (for Psychiatry)

Psychiatrists are trained to evaluate and diagnose mental health conditions. Regular visits allow for a thorough assessment of your condition, ensuring an accurate diagnosis. This is crucial for developing an effective treatment plan.

Personalized treatment

Once diagnosed, these professionals can create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This may include therapy, medication, lifestyle changes, or a combination of these approaches.

Therapeutic support

Psychologists provide therapy (talk therapy or psychotherapy) to help you explore and address emotional and behavioral issues. Regular sessions provide a safe and confidential space to express your feelings, gain insights, and learn coping strategies.

Medication management (for Psychiatry)

Psychiatrists, in particular, can prescribe and monitor medications when necessary. Regular check-ins ensure that your medication regimen is effective and that you are not experiencing any adverse side effects.

Crisis management

If you experience a crisis or worsening of symptoms, having an established relationship with a mental health professional means you have someone to turn to for immediate support and guidance.

Skill development

Through therapy, you can develop valuable coping skills, stress management techniques, and strategies to deal with challenging situations. These skills can have a positive impact on your daily life and future well-being.


Regular mental health appointments can help identify and address issues before they escalate. This proactive approach can prevent the development of more severe mental health conditions.

Emotional support

Simply having someone to talk to who understands your struggles can provide significant emotional support. The therapeutic relationship can be a source of comfort and reassurance.

Improved quality of life

Over time, consistent mental health care can lead to a better quality of life. You may experience reduced symptoms, improved relationships, enhanced self-esteem, and a greater sense of control over your mental health.

Long-term well-being

Mental health care is not just about managing symptoms but also about building resilience and maintaining good mental health over the long term. Regular appointments can help you work on personal growth and self-improvement.

Why book a Kindred psych service and how do I know which psych service to book?

Operating both online and in-clinic, Kindred’s psych services are accessible enough to meet you where you are at, at any stage of your mental health. You can start off by booking a 30 Minute Psychology Consult, especially if you are new to therapy. Your Psychologist will help you through psychotherapy. Psychiatrists are sometimes trained to do psychotherapy as well, and may also prescribe medication if needed. Psychiatrists are licensed to do so as they are MDs, while psychologists are not. 

Your assigned Psychologist may also refer you to a Psychiatrist if they believe that there is a need to do so. Kindred’s new Mental Health Bundles offer packaged sessions, either with a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist to ensure continuity of care through follow-up sessions.

Basic Psychology and Psychiatry services, side-by-side

The Mental Health Bundles, side-by-side

In summary, seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist regularly can provide you with the professional guidance, support, and tools necessary to manage mental health challenges, improve your overall well-being, and lead a fulfilling life. It's important to find a mental health professional who suits your needs and to maintain open communication with them to make the most of your treatment.

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Please note: Although Kindred is able to cater to mental health conditions, urgent cases such as suicidal ideation should be raised to a crisis hotline. We suggest that you contact the following numbers from the National Center For Mental Health

  • 1553 - Luzon-wide, landline toll-free
  • 0966 351 4518, 0917 899 8727 (0917 899 USAP) - Globe/TM subscribers
  • 0908 639 2672 - Smart/SUN/TNT subscribers