One of the biggest changes that the COVID-19 pandemic brought is its effect on the workforce and the way that companies function. Because operations have had to drastically pivot, several workplace expectations have followed suit. Everything from the implementation of more automated systems to a growth in mental and physical health resources; company-wide allowances, and benefits are testament to this. 

Survey responses have shown that 52% of HR leaders plan on offering health and wellness benefits in the future. A startling 78% of employees claimed that they would be more likely to stay with an employer because of their benefits program, while 40% said that their loyalty to a company would increase if benefit options were customized to their needs. All of these statistics have directly affected employee retention and recruitment. 

A pandemic brainchild

As a company that was born right smack in the middle of a global pandemic, Kindred knew that healthcare needed to be more accessible – aiming to provide health for all womankind. Initially offering teleconsults, which was a trend that gained popularity during COVID-19, Kindred has since opened its first clinic in Serendra BGC – becoming the first hybrid women’s clinic in the country. 

Since its launch in 2021, Kindred has grown to serve patients with the help of over 70 doctors across 20 subspecialties. In August 2022, Kindred launched a B2B service that enables companies to support their employees well-being through quality and affordable healthcare called Kindred Employer Solutions (KES). Since then, Kindred has worked with over 10 corporate partners such as ZALORA, Five Story Group of Companies, and L'Oreal. 

In good hands

With KES, employers are given options for customizable and comprehensive health and wellness programs that complement their current HMO or basic health benefits. Offering consultations, immunizations, IV drips, pap smears, ultrasounds, wellness programs, and packages, companies are assigned a dedicated Kindred Care Coordinator who will remain attuned to their unique needs and create a bespoke plan for them. 

While workplace expectations have changed in the wake of the pandemic, perhaps they have changed for the better. Today’s employees are aware of what they deserve, and today’s employers have an array of resources to ensure that these are taken care of. With better benefits come higher retention and productivity. Let Kindred be your partner in providing your company with quality care. Discuss your needs and customize your employee healthcare plan today by contacting!